Founded in 1986, the MARATHON of VENICE (better known as Venice Marathon) is an absolutely original race for the route on which it takes place: along the Brenta Riviera rich in vegetation and beautiful villas with arrival in Venice on the classic distance between 42.195 km.

The athletes start from Stra, crossing the localities of the Brenta Riviera (Fiesso d'Artico, Dolo, Mira and Oriago) arriving in Mestre where, after crossing the city and the Park of San Giuliano, they take the Liberty Bridge that leads to Venice. The athletes pass several bridges over the Venetian canals until the crossing of the Grand Canal on a 160-meter long floating bridge specially built for the occasion. Then they pass Piazza San Marco to the finish in Riva dei Sette Martiri.

For the occasion, residents and tourists are waiting to wait for the passage of the marathon runners who walk the left bank of the river and take some pictures of them. FOLLOW THE ATHLETES IN BICYCLE on the right bank of the Brenta river and if they run faster than you, stop and enjoy the wonders of the Riviera del Brenta for an unforgettable day of sport, culture and relaxation.