Rental for individuals

Aimed at those who move alone and want to travel the Riviera del Brenta by bike.

Dedicated to individuals

After work and daily tasks it is right to relax with a regenerating pedal. It is really true that it opens our mind and gives us a sense of freedom and lightheartedness. You will discover the wonders of the Riviera del Brenta, you will enchant yourself in front of the elegant centuries-old villas scattered along the landscape and you will fully enjoy the nature of the Venetian mainland.
Power… it's time to get in the saddle!

Our proposal for you

We offer you city bikes for women or men with change, equipped with bag or front basket and back pocket with padlock.
We provide you with a map of the Brenta Riviera to better guide you and of course any kind of additional information.
Contact us for the best rates.


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